Hi, I’m Riccardo,

Name: Riccardo Moriani Age: 51 Project: 40's Fitness I've been a personal trainer for over 20 years. Being the oldest fitness coach in the clubs I worked, he has prodomenly trained with older adults. As a certified personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach he helped thousands to transform their health and their bodies. Riccardo is a strong believer in the benefits of resistance training for people of all ages and fitness goals. All the current science supports me at the moment in that strength training is better for you than cardio and for a number of reasons. Firstly, strength training for older adults in their 40 and 50 especially women in their 40's. This is because of weight trainings effect on bones, and the prevention of bone density loss. Importantly many studies show that your longevity of life and also quality of life are both increased by higher levels of muscle as you age. Notably resistance training combined with a healthy diet can result in increase muscle to take into later life.


As mentioned above I’ve been a personal trainer since leaving the RAF in 1997. However my journey into fitness instruction started two years prior to that while in Cyprus. I was fortunate enough to get on a 1 week NABBA training course (That was a long course back then) as a weight training instructor. So when my service in the RAF was over I opted to do a Diploma in Fitness Instruction & Sports Therapy (Dip FIST) with Premier International, then and still one of the best personal trainer training companies in this country.

My first real experience as a fitness instructor was a small council gym that I virtually had to run, just me and a couple of part timers. From there it was my first big club David Lloyds, a great learning experience for me! I was rapidly promoted to senior fitness instructor, a role they no longer have, which gave me my first opportunity to personal train people. I remained at David Lloyds for over 10 years, until I relocated to Sutton Coldfield and found the daily commute an unwanted burden.

I flitter from one post to another for a few years trying to find my fit, which I did with a company called Lifestyle Fitness PT, again achieveing rapid promotion this time to team leader, where I help upskill other personal trainers under my control, while running my own pt business. It was here with LSFPT I really learnt the benefit of fitness and health coaching over personal training.

While I still maintain a few regular personal training clients, to give me face to face contact with the real world as it were, my business is mainly focused on you, my online clients. A role I get tremendous satisfaction from.









What To Expect From Coaching

  • Simple but effective ways to bring exercise into a hectic personal and work life schedule.
  • Ideas successfully used by many of my other clients on how to make small but effective changes to your lifestyle.
  • Two way conversation about what will work for YOU, and simplified ways to incorporate them.
  • Results.


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