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Learn the 5 Things You Need To Know About Exercise And Diet After 40

Get an overview of the most important things to consider when trying to improve your health and fitness.

Personal Training Sutton Coldfield

Welcome to Active NRG, established in 1997. Our program is specifically designed to help improve your mental and physical health through strength training, healthy nutrition, and mindset.

This is the best strength training program for inactive men and women in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Strength training is the only form of exercise that has a positive effect on all aspects of fitness, including strength, body composition, bone health, mental health, and cardiovascular health.

As we age, our muscles weaken and our bodies become more susceptible to injury. That’s why I recommend this safe and effective strength training program to help you stay healthy and strong as you grow older.

Simon, 38

After 12 Weeks of Active NRG personal training
Squat: 60 Kg -120 kg
Bench: 30 Kg – 80 Kg
Press: 20 Kg – 50 Kg
Deadlift: 60 Kg – 140 Kg
“My confidence is better than it has been for years.”

Wendy, 56

After 12 Weeks of Active NRG personal training
Squat: 10Kg – 30 Kg
Bench: 7.5 Kg – 20 Kg
Press: 5 Kg – 15 Kg
Deadlift: 10Kg – 40Kg
“If you want to preserve your function as you get older, you have to do strength training.”

Andrew, 64

After 12 Weeks of Active NRG personal training
Squat: 35Kg
Leg Press – 35Kg
Bench: 15Kg – 50 Kg
Press: 12.5 Kg – 22.5 Kg
Deadlift: 40 Kg – 80 Kg
“Training with Rick was always a positive experience.”


Interested in getting strong? Learn more about the Starting Strength Method and how it can help you achieve your strength and fitness goals.

What Is The Barbell Method?

A Whole-Body Strength Training Program The Starting Strength Method is the most effective and efficient strength training program available. It produces fast results for those seeking increased strength. Combined with habit-based Precision Nutrition coaching, this program ensures comprehensive progress. Personal Training/ Small Group Strength Training available. Learn More

How Does It Work?

You Lift and You Add Weight Each Session Join our small group or personal training sessions and perform four barbell exercises, up to three times a week, gradually adding weight each session. In just a few months, you'll become stronger than ever before.

Who Is It For?

Anyone and Everyone This strength training is suitable for beginners as well as regular gym-goers looking to break through plateaus. It is the most effective use of your gym time.

What Makes It Different?

Measurable Results Unlike other programs that may include ineffective exercises or unqualified trainers, I offer dedicated coaching to ensure everyone achieves rapid and sustainable progress.

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